Lost Shadows and friday 24th november 2006

Lost Shadows #2, festival for experimental artforms
1/2/3 december 2006
check the website for details

FRIDAY 24th November
Hi to all and beware, this time the evening will be in the Dance studio in Kastanienallee 77 (Bewehgungs Etage, 2.HH 3.Og, 3rd house, 3rd floor), there will be an entrance fee of 3 euros:

21h00: MADARA
"If a line has no thickness, how can we stand on it ?"
A wandering between the self as exposed to different realities
Video : Yoann Trellu ; Dance (butoh) : Mayumi Fukuzaki ; Music : Anton Sulak

22h15: Kelvin Zero (Paris/Lebanon)
Musicians from the young generation of free improvised music, Ferriot and Hindi's approach focuses on an exploration of textures and raw sound materials, primarily working through the antagonism between raw sound material and musical gesture. Together they cast their pieces by piling up materials and provoking blunt dynamic changes, building up sound layers textured by percussions, field recordings, amplified objects, cut-ups, feed-backs…The result is a field of sound stretching from "musique concrete" to noise, crossed by Industrial, harsh noise or coranic chants. They have also played with guests such as Toshihiro Koike, Martin Küchen or Pierre Gordeff.