tuesday 23.01.07

the first salon bruit event in this cosy location.......
Chromsand Lounge (ZinemAA), Marienburger Str. 47, Prenzlauer Berg
Tram M2 Marienburger Str. U/S-Bahn Prenzlauer Allee

Australian Madness
starts 20:00 since the loudness has to end by 22:00
Entrance: 3 Euros

playing will be:

Company Fuck
Laptop/Metal/Karaoke - uses his voice with metal objects (spoons, bells,
clocks, etc.) to trigger and distort sounds on his laptop switching
between computer noise, grindcore, and top40 pop.

Aaron Hull...
Laptop/Electronics - works primarily with processed field and
instrumental recordings to create an intimate electronic soundscape.


full tour info pdf.

+ jumping in on the last minute is Jeff Gburek and his Orphan Sounds
should be something different to last Fridays performance.