Salon Bruit in Ausland 17.03.07

17.03.07 in Ausland
Lychener str 60, Prenzlauerberg, Berlin
s- & u-bahn schönhauser allee | tram 13 pappelallee | n52 eberswalder str

starts: 22:00
Entrance: around 5 Euros

Nanofamas (Nantes, Fr)

Standard nanorifle, the nanofamas is smaller than micro,
few machines architecture have a nanocode level below microcode. The next quantifier below microassault is a nanofamas.

* project = make noise
* human = noise
* nanofamas = noise


James Edmonds (GB)

Edmonds uses a blend of old and new recording technologies to extract tiny pieces of abstract sounds that seem to subtly interact, gradually piecing together the impression of a lost, fragmented musical archive, an unstable monument to an unspecific time.

"Gradually the mournful lament of a lost submarine begins to emanate from the PA. The signal is overlaid with static, as though broadcasting from some far away ocean, from some time before the war." (Ben Graham, The Stool Pigeon, Feb.07)

+ salon bruit recommends:

JULIEN OTTAVI, who will be playing in ausland as Nanofamas, will also be giving a short lecture + taking part in discussions at the radiovisionen prolog weekend in tesla.
evening events cost 5 euros + entrance to the daytime lectures + discussions is free of charge.
it will be an interesting weekend on radio in the year 2147.
full infos at

a wide range of specialists and interested parties from art, science, radio and other related fields take a trip to the 22nd Century and discuss 250 years of radio... At this prolog to the festival the participants work together on their accumulated perspectives, facts, coordinates and materials, to help form the basis of the four scenarios which will be premiered at RADIOVISIONEN in October 2007. The four scenarios will be realized by the groups bbm and c-base, the team anna friz and emmanuel madan and the componist mario verandi
radiovisionen are science fiction.