14.03.08 at K77

This Friday Salon Bruit will be hosting....

Aymeric De Tapol (France)
is a recording engineer, composer and multimedia artist. After Graduating from Toulouse School of Fine Arts, in 2000, he joined the artist collective Construct, with Frederic Blin (multimedia programming), Cathie Verdin (dance) and Rémi Duveauchelle (lights). Within this context, he directed videos and composed sound works.
At the moment for his live performance he is working with natural soundscapes that he collects everywhere. Sounds like wind, fire, birds and ambient drone are used in contrast with an artificial soundscape processed with max msp.

Caretakers (england/berlin)
Music of memory and forgetting made with lost and found sounds. Richard Scott and James Edmonds (aka Caretakers) are two Englishman in Berlin excavating layers of music and memory from the city’s crumbling graffiti laden brickwork as the omnipresent spectre of regeneration threatens to paint over all history once and for all. A Sunday flea market of cassettes, old records, drum machines, bent circuits and analogue synthesizers combine to make a dusty, crackly music with a surprisingly breadth and warmth. Their complex, hands-on music goes against the city’s prevailing tide of minimalism and noise - admitting emotion, memory, nostalgia and melancholy into its fading, browning ambient textures. It is music whose clothes never quite fit, remembering and forgetting in equal measure, allowing neither optimism nor dread. Composed in real time, this is music that attempts to stay in one place and can do so only by admitting constant change.

dr.nexus (berlin) and keyframed (france/berlin)
Normally known for his diligent form of doom noise dr.nexus will be performing with newly built toys based on the solar sound modules developed by ralf schreiber – this will be the first performance with these new toys.
yoann trellu (aka kreyframed) is a french video artist living in berlin. He works with dancers, musicians and writers to explore the relationship between video and other media. Tonight he will accompany dr.nexus as video jockey.

Salon Bruit
Friday 14.03.08 at 22.00 in Kastanienallee 77, Berlin-Mitte
U2 Eberswalderstrasse or Rosenthaler Platz, Tram Schwedterstrasse