friday 11th july in K77

It will be a very visual night. So there are no pictures on this dates blog to spoil your imagination.

Hotel Nuclear (Italy)
“end game…” is the first of two projects that bring together the work of British writer J. G. Ballard whose dense novels are strongly influenced by surrealist painting. “end game…” video/installation/concert… Delineating the place where blades of light/levels of reality strike the landscape of the feelings in the distinctness of emotions.
“I felt I’d crossed the frontiers of a dream, got into an interior landscape of the psyche, projected into the sunny terraces around me.” J. G. Ballard

Sound manipulation and electronic brain:
giancarlo bianchini & mathilde m.m.n.poirier (azt / hotel nuclear)
video/animation image:
mathilde marie madeleine n. poirier (hotel nuclear)

DeadFader (UK)
In 1991, my parents bought me my first computer. In 2002, I played my first live gig. I'm not really sure what happened in between. I like to make music and videos where I don't do any hard work. I keep sounds when I think they're interesting, look for them everywhere I can and I
put them together in ways that I think sound/look nice. I give all the stuff I make away for free cos I don't particularly think it's worth anything in that way. I'm interested in power, speed and duration as subject, the relaxation of control, choreography andeditorial as process and there's no greater buzz than playing a gig.

Albert Mathias (San Fransisco)
My name is Albert Mathias and I prömise not to play a breakbeat, house or otherwise!
I will use My Zendrum with my laptop computer as well as a lap steel guitar with looping...
Free improvisation non-forward rythm and fx from an ex jazz drummer tabla junkie... I was the drummer and founder of Livehuman featuring Dj Quest 1995-2007.... I also have made alot of work for live movement since 1992...
Tonight he will be accompanied by Mangrove Kipling with sounds and Yoann Trellu with video.

Screening ab 22.00
Dokuvideo "Experimentelle Klänge und Bilder" - Experience Art! an der
Lange Nacht der Wissenschaft 2008, TU Berlin
Ein 45 minütiges Dokumentationsvideo (in Rohfassung) mit Ausschnitten der Performances aus dem Live-Programm "Experimentelle Klänge und Bilder" von Experience Art! zur Langen Nacht der Wissenschaften 2008 an der TU Berlin.
Die 14 teilnehmenden Künstler/innen zeigten im Hauptgebäude Klanginstallationen, eine Bilderausstellung und ein Programm von Klang-Performances:
Amoebazoid (Keith O'Brien), DJ Zazie (Valeria Merlini), Elektronisches Glück (Marc Lingk, Steve Transcoder. Zu Gast Klaus Schöpp), Thomas Gerwin, Mangrove Kipling (Laurent Lavolé), Tilman Küntzel, Giovanni Longo, LifeLoop (Séamus O'Donnell), Luxator (Daniel Weiss, Nikolaus
Neuser), Elwira Sofia Schott, Peggy Sylopp

friday 11.07.08 at 22.00 in Kastanienallee 77, Berlin-Mitte
U2 Eberswalderstrasse or Rosenthaler Platz, Tram Schwedterstrasse