Sunday, 28 March 2010 in Schererstr. 11

Salon Bruit Presents
this special Sunday Salon in a Second Home

All of the following Salon Bruit members and frequent collaborators will perform at the exhibition play VII: act I by legendary Salon Bruitalitäter, Dr. Nexus. While the exhibition itself runs into April, your chance to run into a performance like this one will be on this evening only. Not to be missed!

Dr. Nexus (Berlin)
In this concert he plays "disharmonic epidemics". This set includes the inimitable voice of Paul M. Waschkau quoting Antonin Artaud, which Dr. Nexus has pre-composed as a backdrop to his live set.

Renowned for his analog/digital electronic noize music, as well as music projects such as [low] noiseclub, emergency exit, selbstzerstörungssystem and electronic hardcore, interactive projects like upart/plassma, tapetenclub, up-raum - the Doctor's list continues...

Fake Mistress (It/Berlin)
Currently known for her labyrinthine opera "Arie Antique", this artist has been manipulating material and voice in and around Berlin for over a decade.

LifeLoop (Ir/Berlin)
Lifeloop is a sound artist based in Berlin working on different projects focused on audio or sonic art, its production and the possible media outlets available. He is also co-founder of Salon Bruit.

Le Code (Fr/Berlin)
Yoann Trellu - visual
Mangrove Kipling - aural
These two Berlin-based French natives' performances generate a sublime live abstract digital painting and soundtrack.

@ Second Home on 28.03.10 from 19:00
in the basement of Schererstr. 11
U6/S41/S42 Wedding
U9 Nauener Platz