iD festival, Gorzow, Poland

*iD – a collaborative project examining the creation and expression of artistic identity*

here some photos and here some more

iD is an international site-specific project taking place in Gorzow, Poland, from 5-12th June 2009. Organised by Cork-based artist Bartek Nowak with SKART (Cork), Salon Bruit (Berlin), and Association Strefa Sztuki (Gorzow), and hosted by the Municipal Centre of Art (MOS) Gorzow. The project will bring together over 20 artists from Ireland, England, Germany, Poland, U.S., Switzerland, Netherlands, France and Japan for a week-long series of exhibitions, events, talks, and presentations addressing the issue of artistic identity.

Project ‘iD’ is the effect of conversations held between artists during ArtTrail ’08 in Cork. ‘iD’ is an attempt to outline artist’s identity and how it’s connected with their place of work? We are moving to learn, live, experience, fulfil. Some participants live abroad or often meet people from other countries. Multiculturalism is common. What factors influence artist’s practice like geography, social surround, economics, culture, history, politics, climate, etc.

Participating artists and groups include: Agata Janicka, Agnieszka Kowalska, Agnieszka Krupienczyk, Andrzej Janczewski, Bartosz Nowak, Beata Stanek, Daniel Adamski, Daniel Weiss, Dawid Szafranski, Dr. Nexus, Ewa Bone, Ewa Wawrow, Farah Hatam, fastandhot, Froggy Burger, Graeme Walker, Hubert Winnik, Jo FRGMNT Grys, Kevin Tuohy, Krzysztof Matuszak, Krzysztof Zimmermann, Le Code and guests, Les Enfants Bendible, Mateusz Puchaiski, Michel Rajchemba, MISIETUPODOBA, Pawel Zimmermann, Peggy Sylopp (, Sara Buame, Petite Musique Apocaliptyque, Schmacke, Seamus O’Donnell (LifeLoop), Sharon McCarthy, Slawomir Kusnierz, Stephanie Hough, Takahiro Suzuki, Tomasz Kalitko, Tomasz Madajczak, Zie Nietoperze

The formation and development of artistic identity is a very complex and never-ending process, influenced both consciously and sub-consciously by a wide range of factors including social, economic, and political context; climate, family, media; deliberate choices and concidences such as location, nationality, religion. The main exhibition venue for the project in Gorzow is a former orphanage, and though not deliberately selected we feel it is a particularly relevant building in which to explore the creation and expression of individual and collective artistic identity.

This project is, hopefuly, the first in a series of collaborations and exhanges between Berlin, Cork and Gorzow to be organised by this group.

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Salon Bruit’s participation looks something like this

live friday:
fastandhot –
Froggy Burger –
schmacke – –
le code and guests –
les enfants bendible –

live tuesday:
lifeloop –
frgmnt –
Farah Hatam –
les enfants bendible –
petite musique apocaliptyque -

dr. nexus – –
frgmnt –
lifeloop –
daniel weiss –

farah hatam – presentation of the project NK –
frgmnt – workshop (Breaking the law of electronics) –
nexus presentation of “noize machine tour truckers” project –