Wednesday 23rd of August - Tape Kino (little change)

There will be a little change of programme on this edition of Salon Bruit's Tape Only. Marcel Türkowsky says he is very sorry, but due to some urgent sonicities he had to leave town.
We have found Julian Ronnefeldt to play with us. He will bring the tapes of his video camera. Mind you, just the audio will be played, the visualising part is up to you. His recordings include sounds from Kazachstan, Saint Petersburg and last evenings sensational performance by Mooodepathologie on the Kurfürsten Damm, here in Berlin.

Our host will be Vorwien in Kreuzberg, to be found on the Skalitzer Strasse 41.

Complete information, also on the other two evenings of Salon Bruit are to be found further down this blop.