Friday 29th of september: Salon Bruit

Camilla Ha is the sole member of Magic is Küntmaster.

Other music projects past and present:

My Name is Rar Rar (with Jonathon Hischke, Chuck
Falzone, Chrissie Rosettie)
Foamula (with M.V, Carbon)
InsectKunt (with Julia Gilman)
Incest (with Peter Ha)

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Blue Sabbath Black Fiji,
Guitar/Noise duo from Paris,
listen here
look around here

Pato will do a DJ set in the bar.

Friday 29th of September,
Kastanienallee 77
Prenzlauer Berg
Ubhf- Eberswalder Strasse
entrance free,

from 21.45 onwards,

be welcomed,