Glitchstitch + soundworKKs

this friday at K77 we have two separate sound artists both working with daily life machinery.

Polly Fibre (IRL) - Glitchstitch
Polly's performances are a series of indiscreet compositions that explore aspects of contemporary pop culture through a post-digital aesthetic. In previous works Craftwork (2005-2006), Cut & Paste (2006) and Glitchstitch (2007), digital analogies are renegotiated through materials, tools and machinery. Processes of fashion construction are unravelled to reveal their core elements which in turn become the raw material for building new compositions in a performative context.
The tools are re-visited, focusing on the sonic elements of a craft which has come to appear nostalgic in light of mass production.
for a foretaste of polly's performance you can see her on wednesday 20:30 at the radioTesla night in Tesla, Klosterstr.
68-70, mitte.


Kaspar König (NL) - soundworKKs
With the sound of the use of daily objects, Kaspar König tweaks, bends and changes the daily (auditive) habits. He uses the recorded results in performances, concerts and contemporary dance music. For instance, he'll play the electric razor that turned into a sound shaver which effects the feedback. In the circuit bending workshop he inspires participants to open the box of the machines, mainly to discover the enormous world of the shielded short-circuit. In the week of the concert (30.5. - 3.6.07) there is a workshop going on where everybody who is interested can have a peek view. Visit UDK
Hardenbergstr.33, Raum 202, 10-18h.
For more information and listening samples you can visit the website


Salon Bruit
Friday/freitag 01/06/07 at 22.00 in Kastanienallee77,
U2 Eberswalderstrasse or Rosenthaler Platz, Tram Schwedterstrasse