Carte Blanche Craig Hilton, Friday 26th October 2007 in Kastanienallee77

Craig Hilton (USA)
Has been composing sound via elecroacoustic transformation and live improvisation for over 13 years. Trained originally as a classical guitarist, the sonic possibilities of «musique concrete " and other methods of sound manipulation/composition, led him to further study the primary idea of sound itself . Taking these techniques he founded the performance art troupe Center for Transgressive Behaviors in Raleigh, NorthCarolina, and remained their sound designer for several tours of the US and Europe. He also toured with the free improvisation ensemble, The Feraliminal Lycanthropizers, playing electric guitar and electronics and sharing the stage with Tim Hodgkinson and Franz Hautzinger in Europe. His continued interest in spectralist and post-concrete music resulted in the solo release 'L'Eve...' and a collaborative effort with Koji Tano's MSBR project. His recent collaborations have been with the legendary Maurizio Bianchi and Yannick Franck and a new solo release plus a new collaboration with Italian sound artists Ur will be released soon ..
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As guests of Craig's, we will warmly welcome Berlin based artists:

PenelopeX (Italy/Berlin)
Marta Zapparoli aka Penelopex; born in the underground scene of Bologna.
Begins her art experience very early with classic and modern dance, she studies for three years the sax sopran, experimental theatre and realizes exibition sound performances, form 1999 around in Italy-Germany-France- Switzerland in different contexts / festivals.
Her natural and cultivated sense of rhythm, her technical experience (Marta is a sound technician as well) and her vivid curiosity led her in a direction of new digitalexperiences. Promoter with A.Z.T. to the experimental group HOTELNUCLEAR. Whit "Audio Portrate of Berlin" she won the competition:MOVIN 'UP 2006. This project comes financed gives GAI - Associazione per il circuito dei Giovani Artisti Italiani/ PROGRAMM MOVIN 'UP 2006. From October 2006 she live and play in Berlin. "Ambient and Human emotions in broken melodies and noise is the place that she find."
She is a promoter and member of the "les coulees succulentes collecttive", PenelopeX // DaviD*OpP // EmaLoT. This collective is an open project for noises improvisation, using different diverted techniques of: field recording, objects plays, bending, cut-up, turtablism, unspeakable machines, dogs…etc. It feels a constant need of exploring the evolution of the sound in the most radical forms. They perform around in Germany and France since 2006.
In May 07 she realize the Editing to the reelese [ La Grande Illusion ] a compiled by Markus Detme (staubgold rec) made in Germany. In August 07 she realize a sound trak "Trapped an Infinite room" to "Respiri", art video project by Francesco Arena, artist videomaker
that work and live in Genova (italy) and around in Europe.
In Genuary 08 will go out her new solo reelese "BorderLinee_OniricNoise" whit (m.m lable) Germany.
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Les coulees succulentes

Lars Feistkorn (Germany/Berlin)
voice & words

Studied opera singer, a.o. with interest in experimental music /
improvisation / performance / writing / dance ...

SPASTIC DEMENTIA (Argentina/Berlin)
Marcelo Aguirre has resided in the city of Berlin for the past six years. A self-taught percussionist and vocalist, his playing manifests a spectrum of influences, ranging from spacious, delicate pulsation, to bursts of pure tone color into free music or charged noise, with a focus on continuous sound and changing dynamics. He curated and co-curated events at the Podewil Contemporary Arts Center in Berlin, 2003-2004 (Sculpture Musicale; Violet Music I & II; der negative horizont). He is also active writing about experimental music since '92 for diverse magazines and creating his small homemade, work-in progress label minúscula. His involvement on various intermedia projects include live improv with Anna Barth's Butoh dance performances; the cut-up quartet Val Afumo alongside visual/performance artists Peter Morrens, Juha Valkeapää and musician Andréas Fulgosi providing music to avantgarde cinema; and the duo The Inner Metal with Karen Scheper merging sound performance with live drawings/environments. Actively working with California composer Michael Jon Fink, has toured venues in Berlin, Paris, Lier, Brussels, Berkeley and Los Angeles, while has/keeps working with composers/improvisers John Duncan, Hans W. Koch, Bettina Wenzel, Steffen Basho-Junghans, Mark Trayle, Daniel Varela, José Marchi, John Hegre, Raymond Dijkstra, Timo van Luijk, Z'EV and Ulrich Krieger.
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Salon Bruit
Friday 26/10/07 at 22.00 in Kastanienallee77,
U2 Eberswalderstrasse or Rosenthaler Platz, Tram Schwedterstrasse