19 october in Hammer Gallery

In HAMMER Gallery
Brunnenstrasse 43, 10115 Berlin-Mitte.
U-Bahn Bernauerstr.
starts 10pm

Rob Stewardess - DK
Rob Stewardess is the black box and if he is wearing the dress I will be the bitch.
Havblikaudio - DK
Experience the great iron coasters struggle in stormy weather at the North sea. Hear the seagulls high above in the led sky, and enjoy the pulsing sound from the engine room below sea level.

James Edmonds - UK
Subtle melodies and rythums come to surface out of rich textual patterns, that shift between digital and analogue qualities. A subjective environment where quietly evocative music is born out of the material properties of sounds. Like a feeling of stillness that is actualy traveling, if only through the passage of time. Or like waiting at a train station in the middle of the night and hearing night-cleaners, birds, machinery take on a new significance! Sort of like a field recording built out of small objects. Material memory, magnetised softly.