thursday 10.01.08

Salon Bruit
presents a
triple bill this
THURSDAY (not friday)

====>> Core of the Coalman (Oakland/Prague)
Jorge Boehringer is an electro-acoustic musician, composer, sound designer, and installation artist from the United States. As one of his alter-egos Core of the Coalman, Jorge performs solo on a variety of electrical and acoustic media in live performance. These pieces address a variety of conceptual and artistic intents and interests and result in the creation of novel sonic architectures.

====>> Koroshiya (Los Angeles/Berlin)
koroshiya creates soundscapes using an array of digital and analog insturments, a soundtrack to the consumerist wasteland of today. occational collaberations with musicians, filmmakers and artists. koroshiya is like an early italian explotation film, making a picture of our world without hiding anything.

====>> f? (Brazil)
Blood's the way that electricity shakes the rest of umbilical cords that stretch through our throats... There's no stage when trying to entrain a praise module, the moon is the ass of the sun and the teeth of the earth... When free from words, do voices tend to divinity? It's pain the whisper of never grasping goodness. How could ever a throat be good if not being
but a formless flowing passage of desires?

check their wesites for more details + sounds.

Salon Bruit
Thursday 10.01.08 at 22.00 in Kastanienallee 77,
U2 Eberswalderstrasse or Rosenthaler Platz, Tram Schwedterstrasse