friday 27th in ACUD (not K77)

Antoine Chessex (Switzerland)
Antoine Chessex is a swiss saxophone player, improviser, composer and experimental musician. His works are based on the exploration of the physicality of sounds and spaces.
Nowadays Chessex plays mostly as a solo performer appearing either in fully acoustic settings where his circular breathing drones react with the sonic architecture of the space he is performing in or amplifying his horn with amps or PA systems and electronic devices often resulting in intense live actions. His solo performances are experiences in total immersion in sound.

Preslav Literary School (UK)
The unique sound can be attributed to both the sourcing of raw sound materials and the method of composition. Recording sonic experiments, spoken word, birdsong and drones onto cassette tapes and dictaphones, Adam then mixes these sources live with other found sound (including material from lofts, abandoned buildings and the sides of roads) to create layered soundscapes which recontextualise the original material into new improvised compositions of remarkable depth and quality. Within any performance one can expect to hear anything from jazz elegies, childhood radio stations, chattering starlings, traffic noise and beat poetry to mental arithmetic learning tapes, Holst, aboriginal gabba, Buddy Holly and musique concrète.

Demolecularisation (France)
jérôme and jeanfrançois Blanquet convey their experiences into a noisy and abstract live art project liberated from conventional audivisual constraints.
DEMOLECULARISATION finds its sources from the Free improvisation genre. It explores the live action, questionning the possibilities of an audiovisual syntax. The duo plays with the technical constraints of the machines up to the point where their normal uses are challenged. jérôme, jeanfrançois Blanquet and the machines make one body towards a lively, spontaneous and unstable composition.
*** Be a hero! is a work based on spam universe. spam cut-up microphone text recording voice recognition repetition stacking cuts loss information jamming noise word as raw material picture sound meaning in revolution.

JD ZAZIE (Italy)
Valeria Merlini: Äpfelzerstörer
Listen to the unexpected sound-atmospheres made with turntables and cd player!
Recognisable sounds will be transformed, using the "Äpfelzerstörer-method", into a new aural experience. In the process of abstraction and decontextualisation an intimate communication with the audience will be created.

friday 27.06.08 at 22.00 in Acud Session cafe (not K77) - Veteranenstraße 21, Mitte
U Bahn - RosenthalerPlatz