this friday August 22end (In K77)

Aide Auditive (France)
Created in 2006, Aide Auditive, formed by Matohawk and MysthR, will not stop surprising us. Armed with their laptops and various kinds of controllers (joystick, sensitive mat, etc.), these two adept artists of computer era favor a live performance based on improvisation. They develop their own programs and use various open source software, thus exploring new tones and electronic music. Booming bass, stripping noise, embellished with a sweet and appeasing sonorous landscape of incessant down-tempo rhythms this music evolves wherever their moods carry it. Beyond the created sounds, a true complicity has been established and feeds their inspiration. « Implant Cochléaire », their first album released with the netlabel Antiblues, reflects these uncompromising improvisations.

Mueran Humanos (Argentina)
All of their shows are different, they make them unique leaving a lot to improvisation and the inspiration of the moment. In Salon Bruit Mueran Humanos will play a special improvised instrumental set for home made oscillator (doo-rag) and bass, going back to their earlier days for one night. They will be joined by Overrated Soundsystem (VJ, Arg.) with found video footage in a special performance of sound/vision total improvisation.

Derek Shirley (Canada)
low music, solo bass, electro-acoustic >DRONE<
derek shirley has been performing and touring extensively through canada and america with such bands as zebradonk and the woodchoppers association. in 2001 he moved to berlin and since then he participates in numerous projects between improvised music, noise rock and jazz, among them the bands hotelgäste (with dave bennett, michael thieke- cd at schraum), paul brodys tango toy, coal oven, silk convertor, alfred france and the experimental-noise-band monno (with antoine chessex, gilles aubry, marc fantini- cd at conspiracy records). he played with david moss, michael griener, mathias bauer, chris dahlgren, tony buck and others.