friday 24.10

This Friday, October 24 in Acud Session Cafe Salon Bruit present...

Origami Boe (Norway/Spain)
is a transmedia artist originating from Norway. In his worklog there are no separation between conceptual art and sound making, as any means of expression become part of his general collage work.
Origami Boe is currently on a Hamburg/Dresden/Berlin tour with new serious material that according to his five-year old son is "very music".
A selection of wood boxes with various tiny objects attached; springs, stones, metal, rubber, string, needles, memorabilia - amplified by old-school contact mikes and pick-ups.

Dee Mee Tree (Russia/Berlin) - MACRO-PHONE
Collaborative sound performance created using a mobile phone and a Kaoss Pad effects processor. The audience is invited to use their own phones as microphones live and contribute their voice to the performance dialling a special number. Their sound might get looped, sampled, distorted, or played live just once.
In Macro-Phone both the audience and the performer become part of a feedback loop, where the content is created by the audience, but the structure (and speed) is controlled by the performer. What will become of the sound? How will the "actual" live voices interact with the "virtual" sampled copies? Will there be a point when the seemingly open structure will close down "satisfied" with just replicating itself?
Dee Mee Tree is a performer from Russia based in Berlin. His work explores the volatile space between body and technology using various mediums: from theatre and dance to music and telematic art.

Oori Shaley (Israel/Berlin)
Everything is instrument to be played on. Shake the cultural rules of music, play on chairs, metal saws and everyday objects, add some traditional drums and forget about their past. Although presented a solo, the duo is invisibly embedded inside - my strings to the past combined with the passion to fly provide the needed tensions for a wild performance.
Shalev is a percussionist, bang on anything from Indian tabla to drum-set,
kitchenware and ships. He tends to blend styles, interpolate between rhythms and break loose.

friday 24.10.08 at 22.00 in Acud Session cafe (not K77) - Veteranenstraße 21, Mitte -- U Bahn - RosenthalerPlatz