Friday 27th February @ ACUD

This Friday 27th February in ACUD Salon Bruit presents these 3 wonderful acts:


[dr. nexus & Amoebazoid]

zucken [xxx] v/i u. v/t (h) twitch; vor Schmerz: wince

Fleisch [xxx] n (Fleisches; no pl) Nahrung: meat; lebendes: flesh (a. fig.); Fleisch fressend bot., zo. carnivorous


fOrmVollEndeT aka Ansgar Tappert lebt und arbeitet seit 11 Jahren als Komponist Tontechniker und Musiker in Berlin und überall wo Ihn Aufträge hinverfrachten.

besonderes augenmerk liegt im bereich der multipolaren klangweltberechnung der kon- und dekonstruktion 3dimensionaler akustischer räume und athmosphären im acud versucht er die psychoakustische konsequenz einer aufteilung mehrdimensionaler physis in schallwellen um zuarbeiten... fuck stereo


Lars Lundehave Hansen has been working in the fields of ambient/drones and noise for the past decade and then some, both as enthusiastic promotor of, and dedicated performer in these fields. He co-founded legendary organization Noisejihad and is the catalyst behind danish renowned drone-act Wäldchengarten. The latter having a batch of highly acclaimed releases under their belt.

The usual works of Lars L. Hansen are often installations or constructions, making a point of being constructions that emit or react to sounds or noise. An attempt to explore the relations between timbre / room and reaction / result. However, in live situations you can expect nothing but the sole attempt at trying to trancend the time/space-continuum through an eclectic blend of sounds considered more or less musical.

....and for extra listening satisfaction, before, between and after the acts there will be entertainment dished out by ....

Described by those in the business of knowing more as

a non conforming aural cacophony of caged raged carefully constructed cosmological chaos.

Salon Bruits resident dj PTPGast regularly spins a densely layered schizophrenic mix of outsider sounds and plunderphonic samples, oozing a politically satirical-subversive sexually stimulating salon bruitesque soundworld.

friday 27.02.09 at 22.00 in ACUD Session cafe (not K77) - Veteranenstraße 21, Mitte -- U Bahn - RosenthalerPlatz