Friday 10th April @K77

This really will be a GOOD Friday, when, appropriately enough like the Magi, we have the pleasure of bringing you three offerings (we, however, in typical arsewise fashion, do it to celebrate the death of god). And, in a further deviation from historical "fact", they are musical and neither metalic or ressin based and, unusually for the Bruit, of a distictly accoustic bent. We hope you find the time to enjoy....

Airbus in Berlin: O'tanzz airbus is a constantly changing (in terms of people and music) improv group based on Brussels. 'Airbus in berlin' is the opportunity to play when two of O'tanzz airbus active musicians, Rudy Servais (tuba and lot of stuff from anywhere...) and Hadrien Peters (Guitar and analogue synthesizer), come in Berlin to visit two of their Brussel's musician friends, Lisa Dangotte (flutes) and Guillaume Rabusseau (Computer (samples manipulation), recently landed on Berlin.
We'll try to make you travel with our music (which we don't already know what shape it will take) sometimes made of fury, sometimes of sleepiness, sometimes of nothing, sometimes of too much................"

PQA: These three young musicians from Roanne met in 2000 in a jazz festival in Bourguogne. They started their first music experiences at the high school the year after and had the maturity in 2002, just before losting theirselves in a music more and more experimental. After going to different kind of improvised music festivals, they decide to start again their work in trio, and created in the same way the MICRO association (Improvised Music in the region of Roanne). They had lot of concerts in France, England, Scotland and Ireland and collaborated with two musician Dubliners (2008) and with the dancer Li Ping Ting (2005). They especially like british, Japanese and Berliner improvised music. They use to celebrate their sound love with semi-acoustic music, intense and with a lot of relief.


POTDL/Billy! (Berlin)

Please come along and make big fun at what promises to be a diverse night of engaging sonic happening.

The usual directions apply:

Friday 10.04.09 at 22.00 in Kastanienallee 77, Berlin-Mitte
U2 Eberswalderstrasse or Rosenthaler Platz, Tram Schwedterstrasse