Friday 21 August @ K77

This Friday we have a two performances from:

12 dog cycle Alice Hui-Sheng Chang (Taiwan)
and Nigel Brown (Australia) create sound in performance and recordings as 12 dog cycle. They pair the breathing limitations of piano accordion and human voice, extending the voice through extreme unconventional technique and the accordion’s acoustic properties with preparations and live electronic manipulation.

Accordion tones begin as a physical byproduct of the performer's exertion, but over time become a disembodied harmonic presence within the room. In contrast, the voice is mobile and distinctly human. While the accordion defines and modulates the performance space, the voice is the event; the tour guide through
time that provides the audience with an entrance and an exit.


Maxibacon is the collaboration of Freeka Peeka (Sgure/Gazormass - Bordeaux, France) and Scott Sinclair (Company Fuck/Botborg - Berlin, Germany). Equally inspired by computer glitch, grindcore, breakcore, cartoon music, and karaoke, Maxi Bacon serve up an electrified meat-punch to the brain with random collages of screaming digital nonsense and mass audio confusion. The basis of their sound comes from using highly customised music software to accompany their extreme and unpredictable vocal improvisations – from metal growls, to karaoke crooning, to uncomfortable vomiting, to microscopic spitting and breathing. Maxi Bacon deliberately carry themselves with a blatant disregard for appropriate musical conduct, instead indulging in brutal noise blasts, confusing musical choices, computer wizardry and vocal tupidity. In concert, Maxi Bacon are an improvised wireless noise show, diving into the audience for aggressive and childish conversations void of language or intelligence.

thats's this Friday 21.08.09 at 22:00 Kastanienallee 77, Berlin-Mitte U2 Eberswalderstrasse or Rosenthaler Platz, Tram Schwedterstrasse