Friday, 26 March 2010 in K77

JD Zazie (Italy/Berlin)
Valeria Merlini: Äpfelzerstörer

After receiving her degree in Urban Sociology at the University of Architecture in Florence, Valeria earned a postgraduate degree in Master Sound Studies at the Academy of Arts (UdK) in Berlin.

Using the "Äpfelzerstörer-method", she transforms recognizable sounds into a new aural experience. In the process of abstraction and decontextualisation, an intimate communication with the audience is created.


Mario de Vega (Mexico City/Berlin)

Mario's work explores the potential of fragility, the value of simulation and relations between stability, failure and ambiguity with site-specific projects, sculpture, sound events, and projects for documentation.

His sound improvisations are the result of unstable objects, the manipulation of electronic devices, feedback and the intensification of acoustic space with an overlayering of sonic information.

@ Salon Bruit on 26.03.10 at 22:00
Kastanienallee 77, Prenzlauerberg.
Tram Schwedterstr./ U Eberswalderstr.