Friday, 27 November 2009 in K77

StØrfan Sender (Berlin)
film-maker, visual artist and musician

StØrfan Sender will be exploring the drone-capacity of different acoustic materials as well as that of the listeners. These will interact with each other creating different sonic spaces due to physical conditions as well as further manipulation in a matrix of effect units. The whole setup acts as a kind of resonator in which every bit of mechanical or electronic infrastructure plays a crucial part in creating the actual sonic output in a harmonic sort of way.

Angie Nina Blue (US/Berlin)
contraptions and voice

Angie Nina (Yeowell) Blue is a dancer, video artist, and costume and sound designer. Most recently, she danced with the Second Company of Dance Theatre of Harlem in NYC.

She hasn't had supper in weeks because her hands were cut off in seminary school, where she perfected her skills making origami birds out of the Bible: She adds blue salt to the birds and they chirp out anti-Christ and anti-Nietzsche lyrics. These biblic, salty bird prayers seem to suffice for the lack of hands, but the difficulty preparing dinner remains.


Gianluca Becuzzi [KINETIX] (Piombino, It):
laptop, electronics, samples, found sounds, objects

Gianluca Becuzzi [KINETIX] is an electronic / electroacoustic composer and sound artist active since the first half of the 80’s. He released many albums and performed live around Europe during the last two decades under various names.

@ Salon Bruit on 27.11.09 at 22:00
Kastanienallee 77, Prenzlauerberg.
Tram Schwedterstr./ U Eberswalderstr.