Friday, 21 May 2010 in K77

Verónica Mota Galindo (MX) - Surrealism

Cubop is a female sound artist based in Berlin. She has worked as a radio producer, disc jockey, film editor and sound designer for documentaries and avant-garde films. Her sound works research the human mind, focusing on dream territories and psychological landscapes. Since 2007 Cubop has been part of the contemporary experimental noise scene in Berlin playing solo live and collaborating with different creative workers from all over the world.

"... my grandfather (R.I.P) ran a business as a butcher so each time I spent the weekend over there I experienced the pig’s death through a high frequency sound which was pretty strong and traumatic."


Froggy Burger
davidly (US) - handsonic
Nico Petitdan (France) - bass
Pablo Juanes (Argentina) - tenor sax

This music is what it sounds like at the link above. Go there and listen to and/or download there tracks so that you will recognize their "hits" when they play them on the Salon stage.

@ Salon Bruit on 21.05.10 at 22:00
Kastanienallee 77, Prenzlauerberg.
Tram Schwedterstr./ U Eberswalderstr.