Friday 28th of July

This Friday Melissa Moore and Staalplaat Soundsystem will play at Salon Bruit:

Melissa was allready at the Salon Bruit evening two weeks ago. That evening the little bar was rather packed, so some of you might have missed her. But she was there catching sounds, and walking around as if she was one of the regulars. Which she is not, because- regretfully for us - she will fly back to her home in Baltimore, where other fans will welcome her.

Here you can read a review of one of Melissa's performance's by one of them:

A refreshing change from the usual jaded audiences that dot the U.S. landscape for this music. Imagine a test-tube, magnified by silence, stirred by sound of water dripping, subtle space transitions to distanced kalimba, sound source, suddenly pours, oscillates, and becomes a looming flood, sudden rush of power, the mighty water, gushing relentlessly, in a full range of ever changing presence. Inner music inside the the violence of constancy, filtered color changes in controlled distortion. The inventor, Melissa Moore, creator of a laboratory of controlled noise & sound, brings together the image of wind & rain, electricity in miniscule evolutionary process becoming universes of elemental energy. I felt as if I were kayaking over relentless class 5 rapids and enjoying the ride. Wind tunnels of faint voices, power of nature, natural disaster, and in this case, the Creator was a black woman...

Then came the rains... I was lulled into deep relaxation by it all, the sound assault became sedative.

The other act on the evening of the 28th will be Staalplaat Soundsystem. They will bring ten LP.-'s and ten toy cars. Those cars have a double function. One is they act like a needle, to pick up the sounds from the LP.'s, the other one is that they will transmit the sounds, because every toy car is a little radio.

Since the cars run on batteries, and batteries run out when used, the transmitting quality and the speed of the car will slowly change and thus affect the yodelings coming from the mini loudspeakers.

There will also be a little radio in the front bar.

The entrance is free of course, well almost, 50 cents extra on your first drink, and then 1,50 for the rest of the evening.

bye for now,