Friday 4th of August - Tape Wedding Special

The evening at the Fleischerei had one new face; it was the guy on the left, behind the U-Bahn lightbar of Rosenthaler Platz. Stephane Leonard, as his name is, has been playing together with Marcel Türkowsky, and will continue to do so.

For those who missed it. The young men were dressed in similar ice-cream colored T-shirts, and had loads of cassette-players with them. They played a very silent, sometimes delicate set using only the inbuilt loudspeakers to produce sound.

They will play again coming friday. But this time we will be joined by some guests.

First of all, TJ Mas Tapas will provide us with some strange sonicisms and do one or two or three sets of TJ-ing. Then the neighbour might join in as well. His name is Der Tapeman, and I don't see no reason why he should not perform with us.

Soichiro Mitsuya who some of us know as So, will arrive with his walkman. Maybe he will play a solo set, but I hope that he will play one short noise set with me (me is Rinus van Alebeek). Another new tapefriend was allready announced for the Fleischerei: his name is Marco aka Ichnoise. He never made it to the Fleischerei last thursday, because his calendar was one day slow. I hope he has solved the problem, and has changed the Napolitan calendar for a German one.

Well, as you see, we are allready an audience by ourselves. But you are welcome to join and listen or not listen and hang out.

We will be found from nine o'clock onwards at der alte buchbinderei, corner schererstrasse/adolfstrasse in Wedding.