Friday 22nd of September : Salon Bruit

Come early and you will be able to see the movie Poland! Poland! by Jessy Tuddenham and
Lei Miura Fahling. It is announced as a Dance Dockumockery and it is wild. Showings are at 20.00 and at 21.00. The girls will do the bar untill 22.30. Then Salon Bruit takes over. And it will be warm sounds and even warmer beer as always.

Pato from Barcelona, currently living in Berlin will do a laptopset. I watched him play some music in the Fleischerei a few days ago. I can assure you that he is not chatting or checking e-mails. Apart from his own music, he will also do a Dj-set, from behind his computer.
Pato is linked to and platoniq in Barcelona. Both groups are active on a polit/cultural local level and in worldwide networking. One of their activities is to install a burn station: a place where you come with your writable cdr, put it in the drive, choose your music to download and burn. It should be somewhere in Berlin, because Pato was there to perform, when they set it up.

The Doppelgängers were born in Berlin a week or so ago. Radical plunderphonics, theremin, radio - and cosmic waves and b-movie behaviour will make up for a set that might look like a silent film. Don't expect sonic fiddlings. The members of the Doppelgängers (or their lookalikes) have been around since last century and way beyond.

At the end of the evening a giant wedding cake will arrive.

1st showing 20.00 hrs
2nd showing: 21.00 hrs

Salon Bruit : 22.30 hrs

Kastanienallee 77. Prenzlauer Berg. U-bhf Eberswalder strasse.

be welcomed.