12 + 13 September - Running Tapes

I would like to say thanks for coming to Wendel to all our fourty two guests. It was a good and satisfying experience to see how curiousity changed into attentive listening, and finally in feeling at ease in our audiodrome.

Those present can feel themselves lucky to have seen the short duet between Marcel Türkowsky and James Edmonds, and the trio formed by Marco Lampis, Soichiro Mitsuya and James. They took me by surprise for their instanteneous sonical understanding and the sense of harmony that came from their collaboration.

We also had an unique performance by Kenneth and yours sincerely, because they faked the biggest part, by acting as if they were playing. In fact one cassette was left astray, and was playing on its own, out of control. The end effect was like the nude and crude morning after of a RadioDJ who had been on mushrooms all night.

The last part was pure free jazz.

Tuesday 12 September
we return to Wedding where
Der Tapeman lives. We have heard from the King of Wedding himself that Der Tapeman will join us.

It will also be your last chance to see
James Edmonds play with us. He returns to the UK

It will be a bit different from other performances. We play in Scherer8 and in Der Alte Büchbinderei at the same time. We set up at both places and then walk from one bar to the other. This will lead of course to unpredictable constellations.

Please expect to pay a little entrance fee. We have just founded the future investments inc.
Those who buy a 'Tape Only'- t-shirt get in for free at both places.

12 september
Alte Buchbinderei + Scherer 8
Schererstrasse/Adolfstrasse, Wedding
U-bhf Nanauer
from 22.00 onwards.

13 September
we return to the intriguing Schlesische Strasse to do a pin-up evening with Miss Linska & her Sex Tapes Only.
It will be an almost allnighter.
The second half of the night we get some help from Lepke B: his appearance is an illegal one. But what remains of fundamentalism, when there are no others? In fact Lepke sends his Doppelgänger.
Together they will conduct the Tape Orchestra.

We will watch them and sell T-shirts.

13 september

Schlesische Strasse 39, Kreuzberg
Ubhf Schlesisches Tor

from 23.00 onwards

be welcomed!