September 9 - Salon Bruit's Grosse Tape Schwindel

Hello comrades,

Coming saturday we proceed our series of anti-concerts
in Kreuzberg,
see link at the almost end of this mail for the right address.
We are supposed to be there at eight or something.
Those who have a mixer, please bring the mixer,
if you won't use it, your sounds will.

The bar will put one euro on the first drink,
so there is a slight chance that each of us
will have earned 4 euro at the end of the evening.
We can put this money together and invest it in pins or t-shirts
or whatsoever, or use it in order to diminish our household pains.

we also welcome one new face,
guys, please wave hello to Andres,
and a second newcomer James and a third newcomer Steve.
some more waves, please.

If you think it's time to rehearse some dancing steps,
I'm okay with that.

How eleven (11) of us will play at the same time, will be the big surprise.
Come and hear it with your own ears.

greetings from the east,


next concerts at 12th (confirmed) and on 13th of september.
Details will follow the coming days.

address wendel click on kontakt,
or go directly to Schlesische Strasse 42 in Kreuzberg,
nearest U-Bhf Schlesisches Tor

Breaking News: We will have some Tape Only T-Shirts for sale, price 6 Euro.