September 8 - Kastanienallee 77

Three acts this evening.

Arthur Rother is linked to KULE. He will come to the Kastanienallee for some crosspolinating. Whether he brings a guitar, some help from friends or a dutch folk music ensemble I don't know. I have asked him to bring some peperkoek. If he does so, those who come early will have the chance to get a taste from this dutch delicatesse.

James Edmonds
was standing at our bar, drinking orange juice. Somehow Laurent distinguished him as a musician and invited him to play chez nous. Here is his introduction to himself in his own words:
Using computer, 4-track cassette-tapes and a cheap keyboard I try to mold an often dense and textual, continuous flow of sound that evolves and melts into its own form, seemingly out of my control. I come from a background of painting, and recording music has always been a sort of second nature. More recently I began making films, and this triggerred the development of my experiments in low-fi sound. I treat the computer as an instrument in itself, and I don't use any affects pedals!

The blend of pre-recorded and reworked sounds become a lost transmition of personal archival confusion, a labarinth of drone and repetition, sometimes cold and chaotic, sometimes warm and dreamlike. Melody plays the role of a distant memory, mixed up in the concrete perception of noise.

I may also do a piece with a Super8 Film projection and live manipulation of the sound the projector makes.... we'll see.

swerve(nl) aka Matthijs Kouw already did some time in Berlin, before going back to Amsterdam. From his biography I knew that he had been djing on the legendary amsterdam radiostation radio 100. This evening he will do some radio as well. We will put a small transmitter next to him, and a radio in the bar. A further introduction to swerve in his own words is next:
drone meets microsound. an exploration of the interrelationships of movement and stasis. by juxtaposing drones with more dynamic counterelements, slowly throbbing and enveloping meshworks of sounds are created, which are as transient as they are persistent in their presence. the aim is to hint towards possible topological features of different trajectories. the focus on the
internal dynamics of these pieces leads to a reconsideration of what a sonic event can be said to entail.

swerve (matthijs vincent kouw) uses a wide variety of source material (metal, voice, field recordings, sine waves, feedback) that is persistently regurgitated. he has presented his work in multiple contexts. his output includes many dj sets (1997-present), music for theatre (2001, 2002), music for a butoh dance piece by lisa marie patzer (2001), music for dance pieces by ina senftleben (2005, 2006), music for film (2003), a collaboration with radboud mens (2002-present), and sound installations (2001, 2003, 2005). furthermore, he had a radio show from 1999 to 2003 on the infamous amsterdam-based radio 100, during which he created a kaleidoscopic mixture of contemporary electronic music. during these shows several elements were layered on top of each other in order to reveal possible interactions of compositions. he is currently focusing on an upcoming solo release, and organizing nights for experimental eletronic
music in amsterdam titled "kinetic engineering".

be welcomed,
from 21.30 onwards.