Friday 13th October 2006

Dear all, friends and unknown yet,

This friday 13th october, K77 (Kastanienallee77 Przlbg) hosts us again and the cinema's musical programm will start much earlier as usual that day:

17h00: bruno K (Fr/Berlin)/ chanson radicale et thermonucléaire; the "troubadour" will drag you into his acid world in the sweetest manner, a different kind of pop venue de France
Bruno K

20h00: Tupolev brûle (Berlin)/ A variation on distorted postrock, the first concert of Marc, Tom, Keith and Laurent; for a tiny recall of what we used to drink beer to a few years ago
Tupolev brûle

Then will start the SALON BRUIT for that night:

21h30: Stupidity (Japan/Switzerland) vs Mangrove Kipling (France), a voyage into the darkest side of black ink, if ink could be a sound, but this time the walls should stand...
Mangrove Kipling

22h30: Tetsuroh Konishi/ Trumpet and elecronic noises, from Saitama, Japan. Tetsuroh comes again as a guest this time, you see him here during a spontaneous solo in the cinema last week.
Tetsuroh Konishi

And maybe Pato, our dearest resident DJ (for the last three weeks at least) will end the evening with the good tunes with which he always knows how to reach our hearts; We all hope you can make it Ruben!