oktober 6 - salon bruit, kastanienallee 77

Diego Chamy and Axel Dörner
will pay us a visit, bring a trumpet and a big drum, and maybe also a journalist: hopefully he won't faint again:

Read his last words:

"Ein Gespenst geht um in Europa: Unbemerkt von einer großen Öffentlichkeit gedeiht in Berlin eine neue Art von Free Jazz: Hier geht es nicht mehr um Kraft oder Hemmungslosigkeit, sondern um Bescheidenheit und Tiefe. More Gespenstiges Lesen hier

Ruben (aka Pato, our wildly happily chaotic MP3J won't be there to destroy a Tom Waits song, but maybe he will come all the same, and try to mix his sonicisms with the bumbum sounds from the basement where another party will go on.

Chris Worden from Montreal and Berlin is a multi-instrumentalist. He will bring his guitar and devices, and probably a guest that will take care of the visual part. Chris is also here.

Julian Ronnefeldt will mix projections, field recordings and radiomaking into one performance. Probably in the bar where a big selection of transistor radio's will transmit his sounds. Bring your own radio for some fine private listenings. More monkeys

kastanienallee 77,
prenzlauer berg
U-bahnhof Eberswalder Strasse

from 22.00 hours onwards
entrance free,
50 cents on the first drink.

be welcomed,

your salon bruit team