Friday 26th January 2007

In Kastanienallee 77, U2 Eberswalderstr., tram Schwedterstr.
Entrance 3 euros
Doors open at 21h00, concerts start at 22h00, be on time for:

Gluing Plastic To Finger aka Line Destruction (Israel)
"Making Artificial Things"
22nd century seminal soundscapes, drones from the inmost space for the final frontier. Sound artist/music produser/vicious killer.

Ambient Massacre (Irl+Fr)
(LiFeLooP + Mangrove Kipling's laptop duet):

Both are dealing with the reinterpretation of environmental noises. The scapes vary from a range of slow ambient motion sounds to noisy atmospheres,
creating a vivid sound cut-up of samples, field recordings and pirate excerpts...

Reinhard von Zwickau + Kate von Donovan (Dt+En)

a cut-up super8 & reel to reel experiment using discarded/found footage in twisted synchronicity

Be welcome!!!