Friday 5th october in Kastanienallee 77

Droise - Germany/Japan
Droise was formed in early 2007 after the encounter of noisicians Kakawaka
(fork & toy keyboard) and 23N! (home-made toy instruments), and drummer
Yosei. Together they played numerous live shows in Tokyo and Osaka. Their
music is a mixture of punk, free jazz, noise, experimental and improvisation
wit a heavy emphasis on performance.
Droise has shared the bill with ASTRO (ex. C.C.C.C), Guilty Connector,
Masaya Nakahara (Hair Stylistics, ex. Violent Onsen Geisha), Government
Alpha, Kelly Churko, Pikachu (Afrirampo)...
more infos at: droise

Minn Minn Lights - Norway
The trio of Øivind Koppang Eriksen ( Tapes,Electronics, theremin etc.), Eirik Renton (Percussion, feedback etc.), and Daniel Meyer Grønvold ( guitar, fx, melodica, walkie talkies etc.). Øivind and Daniel also perform duo under the Minn Minn Lights name when Eirik isnt available. Øivind & Daniel also do the label SHH/BZZ together, mainly to put out our own stuff. Daniels other groups are: Ghost Hairdo,Banshee Howl & Mi-Kydno+ both electric and acoustic solo guitar music. Eirik also play in Mi-Kydno & Banshee Howl + Sarkom. Øivind plays solo + Cavemans Joust.
more infos at: minn minn lights

Mecha/Orga - Greece
Yiorgis Sakellariou is using the recording name Mecha/Orga. Born in 1976, started studying classical guitar and oud. His interest took a turn towards computer electronic music in 2001. His music has been broadcasted in Spain, Croatia, the Netherlands, the Czech republic and the UK. He has composed music for short films. Member of ESSIM (Hellenic Electroacoustic Composers Association) and KSYME (CCMR: Centre of Contemporary Music Research).
more infos at: mecha/orga

Salon Bruit
Friday 5/10/07 at 22.00 in Kastanienallee77,
U2 Eberswalderstrasse or Rosenthaler Platz, Tram Schwedterstrasse