Friday 01.02.08

this friday there will be 4 live acts at K77.....

al:arm! (Italy)
Artists' collective formed with the meeting of Marco Bernacchia (M.A.Z.C.A.) with Paolo Campagnola (arbdesastr, matäng). They come from different experiences and different cities. Marco comes from Senigallia (An) and studied arts, Paolo comes from Verona and chose musical and technical studies. It can be deduced that the collective's sinergy has the shape of a serial killer, precise and unpredictable. In spite of the different approaches, they come to the same conclusion that pushes them towards a common creative sense: there is no limit between the different artistic subjects because all of them are in some way oriented to communication.
Starting from this point, the collective begins its activities composing electronic music directly by e-mail, choosing to use this media trying to break the rules imposed by the time/space compression generated by the "nowhere", that is the net.

Demolecularisation (France+Belgium)
jérôme(Paris) and jeanfrançois Blanquet(Brussels) convey their experiences into a noisy and abstract live art project liberated from conventional audivisual constraints: DEMOLECULARISATION. It explores the live action, questionning the possibilities of an audiovisual syntax. The devising sources are not pre-recorded, everything is entirely created in live. Larsen and feedback effects through self-modified devices are at the heart of the devising process. The duet plays with the technical constraints of the machines up to the point where their normal uses are challenged. Jérôme, Jean-François Blanquet and the machines make one body towards a lively, spontaneous and unstable composition.

Carn De Porc
new project from Olivier Di Placido (France/Berlin) + Ruben Patino (Spain/Berlin)

olivier di placido(table top guitar) + ruben patino (laptop) ,present their new collaboration project where analog and acoustic sound techniques meet digital sound processing .
this project is called carn de porc and it goes in another direction than brutal harsh noise that makes neighbours complain and breaks the speakers.
it is neither cheesy ambient nor soft drone you better might expect something noisy and dirty but plenty of details and textures. feedbacks, modulated frequencies, contact microphones, digital textures and buzzes are part of their unstable sound that reacts with the room.

and squeezing in at the last minute is
peublo (Chile) with "salvaje act"

The speed in which economy accelerates is forcing flexible workers to
perform to the limit, taking whatever conditions, exploiting themselves and others, and being always afraid of instability.

Salon Bruit
Friday 01.02.08 at 22.00 in Kastanienallee 77, Berlin-Mitte
U2 Eberswalderstrasse or Rosenthaler Platz, Tram Schwedterstrasse