Friday 15.02.08 in Kastanienallee 77

Robert Curgenven (Australia)
Working with harmonics, textures and resonance as articulated not only through instruments/objects, in space and place, but also in time and the dislocation of the remote, Robert's sound explores slowly shifting layers in the fabric of fields of perception.

Schriftfisch - project from Julian Percy (Australia/Berlin) + Farahnaz Hatam (Iran+NY/Berlin)
Live sampling,computer synthesis fx and improvised effected guitar.

Toys'R'Noise (France)
"An initiatory journey into a bric-à-brac:
Tinkered toys,roundabout resonant objects,the Toys'R'noise are recycling,giving a new identity to everything they find.They are electronic explorers going through distant sound territories with their cobbled up protean orchestra."

Salon Bruit
Friday 15.02.08 at 22.00 in Kastanienallee 77, Berlin-Mitte
U2 Eberswalderstrasse or Rosenthaler Platz, Tram Schwedterstrasse