Friday 29 May at ACUD (front bar)

This coming Friday we have a night in the front bar of ACUD (that's upstairs at the Kantina, the bar to your left as look on from the street!). We have a trio of performers for you on this evening who have a focus on both concrète and synthesis. So there should be something there for everyone, I should imagine.

The trinity of musical intrigue includes:

Preslav Literary School focuses on creating something new and personal out of found sounds and dull, everyday happenings. A sense of wonder and amazement is conveyed through the sounds, and a sense of otherworldly significance is given to the simplest of actions. Thomas succeeds in making something fragile and exquisite out of tedium and monotony, and that is where the art of Beautiful Was The Time lies. This time truly is beautiful not unlike William Basinski with his Disintegration Loops.


Dominique Vaccaro is mainly focused on collage in a broad meaning of the term, extending the field of action from the visual to include sound. As a sound artist, he has experimented for years with the various possibilities of magnetic tape mixing short waves, field recordings, voice, guitars and other instruments, objects, feedback and all kind of residual sound. His approach to all of these is emotive, intimate and instinctive, flowings of sonic improvisation alternating frenetic phrases with calm, delicate moments. He has composed music for videos, performances as well a s the theatre.


Mario de Vega is a sound artist from Mexico City currently living in Berlin. His work includes sound and site-specific projects, sculpture and improvisation with electronic devices. As sound improviser his work is a blend of glitch sampling and drone ambiences with analog electronics, circuit bent devices, modified records and custom software in different combinations. Also as _memo (b side project) his sets are mainly composed of multi-layered mixes of avant-garde classics, free jazz and breakcore with a black sense of humor.

So, the details are: Friday 29.05.09 at 22.00 in ACUD Upstairs at the kantina (not K77) - Veteranenstraße 21, Mitte -- U Bahn - RosenthalerPlatz