Friday 17 July in K77

start - 22.00
This Friday we host two excellent acts.

Odeya Nini is a New York based composer/ improviser/ chanteuse. Her music is characterised by skillful experimentation, integrating improvisation, acoustic composition and electroacoustic sounds in x-ra/ray-ted works of both intentional and indeterminate quality. She will be joined by her voice, her mind, looper, ipod and some friendly plastic, metal and light blinking toys.


James Edmonds originates as a painter who works closely with photographs and processes that describe a kind of mediated human consciousness. A residue of the real world is flattened by the recording medium to produce a mysterious other reality/material existence. Through exploring sound recording and improvisation, his work has formed a coexisting musical language which reveals a similar atmosphere and resonance to these images. Recordings become part of an ongoing archive of an imaginary world. Personal memory is ingrained in the abstract language of sounds and fragile traces of melodies. This ongoing journey through images, sounds, practices and archives, suggests a constantly shifting film-like perspective that is channelled into performances, exhibitions and daily life alike.

So thats this friday at k77 - Salon Bruit. Special guest dj Please God will entertain with some satanic sounds in the front bar. Hope to see you there. Kastanienallee 77, Berlin-Mitte
U2 Eberswalderstrasse or Rosenthaler Platz, Tram Schwedterstrasse