Friday 07.08.09 @ K77

Have we got a line up for you this coming Friday? Yes, is the short but basically truthful answer to that particular question. “And what type of show?” I can almost hear you cry. A show of music, which will be as diverse as the stage will be densely populated. If we can fill the seats in the kino with as many bums as we fill the stage, we'll be doing very well, says you...

This Friday we give you....

ASp feat. ClaytonThomas + Endorgan

Possible directions, new relations, from spastic and destructured funk to free folk, to avant-noise... A music that is like a desert, yes, but swarming, crossed by fluxes, teeming crowd in it; a swarm of bees, a rumble of soccer players, or a group of Tuareg.
Myriad of lines dripping from any side, unpredictable movement, without meaning, without rythm
ASp is for A Spirale, founded in 2002 by Maurizio Argenziano and Massimo Spezzaferro, guitar and drums, former Missselfdestrrruction members ( "Asimmetrica" - Snowdonia, 2001), Mario Gabola, avantjazz saxophonist, and Anita Furlani, violist with academic background. Since January 2004 the band performs live as a three-piece (drums / guitar / sax), focusing much more on improvisation and with greater attention to electroacoustic research, while retaining postpunk physicality and immediacy. Then ASp (M.Argenziano, M.Gabola) meets SEC_ (synth and electronics), producing the same titled album ASp/SEC_, for FF HHH.


NIKOLAUS GERSZEWSKI – Ordinary Music - a "scored" composition performed by:

Keith O'Brien (Ireland/Berlin) - Guitar
Jeremy Woodruff (US/Berlin) - Reeds
Liz Allbee(US) -Trumpet
Brendan Dougherty (US/Berlin) - Drums

Totally mysterious to this purple prose etcher until this morning, the sounds imagined by Nikolaus Gerszewski possess the qualities typical of those produced by time-honoured composers, despite the fact that he started his music-writing activity – as an autodidact - only in 2003, after having worked as a visual artist and writer in previous years. The impulse for this new expressive method, influenced both by the aforesaid experiences and the studying of opuses by John Cage, Cornelius Cardew and Christian Wolff, came in the exact moment in which Gerszewski concentrated on the theory of “ordinary music”, the term implying a continuation of the non-representational features of figurative art in the sonic realm and the participation of trained and untrained musicians to the execution of materials mainly built on the superimposition of “layers, surfaces and objects”, thus privileging the spatial dimension as opposed to the temporal.

Once again thats's this Friday 07.08. 09 (hey, what about that great date!!! sequentastic!!!) 22:00 Kastanienallee 77, Berlin-Mitte U2 Eberswalderstrasse or Rosenthaler Platz, Tram Schwedterstrasse